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Doctor – Words can’t express the joy and life you have given to me. My spirits were so low, my heart was hurting more than anyone can or will know! My soul, heart, and spirit is now along with my body on the mend again. Praise God and thank you. Why? Because you, Doctor, said, and I quote, “Sorry, we don’t accept your insurance for adults here,”…and then you said to me, “Listen. I’m going to break our rules and treat you because of the history of all you have been through. We’re going to treat you only if you promise to keep all your appointments. And it’s a process – it’s not fast. We have steps. You will have to continue to come in for adjustments because you have to have a fitting.” 🙂 I bet you didn’t know I have heard that phrase! I heard in my dreams! I said to you then and now, God bless you for helping me. – Minnie Angelmaria Davis

All the people in the office are great. They all know what they are doing and handle their patients with care. They take great interest in your feelings and want you to feel comfortable. I lost one of my teeth in an accident and the dentist and all her staff saved it and gave me stitches. They did this all after hours so it showed that they were willing to help me. Overall, they have a great staff here that are great at what they do. I appreciate everything they have done for me. – Sam Diaz

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I found the office to be extremely helpful to me. Especially that I am a caregiver without insurance. They also got me in right away – the same day I showed up on their doorstep. They let me pay by check, which was wonderful. The doctor was very caring and hated to have to remove my tooth, but there was not an alternative measure. I appreciate everything they did for me. I just happened to pass by their office on the way to my job, and they were willing to help me. Thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Yunez is the best of the best. If you have any questions, she explains everything to you and also she always tries to help you. If you have an emergency, they are always there for you. It is not just her, it is her staff also. They are great and kind. They make you feel like family.

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There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to Dr. Yunez and her fantastic staff for their excellent care and compassion showed to my daughter Anna. Anna came to Dr. Yunez’s office after being to 14 dentists in a 2 year time period. She needed extensive work done and no one was willing to do it within the confines of my insurance, income, and Anna’s great fear of the dentist. My daughter is 6 years old and has had only bad dentist experiences. Dr. Yunez and her wonderful staff talk TO Anna and explain the process to her so that SHE understands what’s happening and why. They are extremely patient with her fears and will help her and myself through any anxieties we have. I would recommend them to anyone and I can only say our experiences have been (nothing short of excellent) met well beyond any expectations. – Maggie Muellner (Anna Meullner)

I have been attending Yunez Dental & Associates for many years and have nothing but wonderful things to say about the practice. I have a large amount of anxiety when it comes to the dentist, but Dr. Yunez has personally worked with me to do everything possible to make my dental experience a good one on every visit. She takes as much time as I need to talk to me and make me feel comfortable with everything and everyone. She talks me through every step and makes sure I understand what is going on while also being very straightforward about what my needs are. Dr. Yunez’s associates are always very accommodating and friendly, and are also very good at explaining everything to make their patients more comfortable. I have been to numerous dental practices, but after starting at Yunez Dental, I refuse to go anywhere else.

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Dr. Yunez is a wonderful dentist. She’s great with all 5 of my children and I really feel her staff makes the visit even more enjoyable and relaxing. They take their time and explain everything that’s happening every step of the way. Dr. Yunez explains everything very well and communicates very well. She returns calls in a timely manner and is very easy to get a hold of, and answers any questions or concerns I have ever had. I have recommended several of my friends here and they are very pleased.

Yunez Dental & Associates are doing a great job. They have helped me for years in all my dental necessities. They did a diagnostic on my dental problems promptly. Dr. Yunez gave me advice, a problem explanation and solutions. I feel welcome by all the personnel in the office. They are respectful and are professionals!! Congratulations for your service and great help. Thanks for keeping my smile healthy. – Miriam Villarreal

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