Elmhurst location

  • Mon: 8AM to 1PM
  • Tues: 12PM to 8PM
  • Wed: 11AM to 6PM
  • Thurs: 9AM to 5PM
  • Fri: 9AM to 4PM
  • Sat: 8AM to 3PM

Chicago location

  • Mon: 10AM to 6PM
  • Tues: 10PM to 6PM
  • Wed: 10AM to 6PM
  • Thurs: 10AM to 6PM
  • Fri: 9AM to 4PM
  • Sat: 9AM to 4PM

New Patient Forms

Thank you for choosing Yunez Dental as your provider. The success of your treatment and satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Please take a moment to print and fill out the patient forms and bring them to your first appointment.

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Elmhurst Office

Chicago Office

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